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Were you planning to move this month? Are you now facing uncertainty about your move due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation? Though the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to many of our plans, moving services are considered essential. To encourage a safer moving process, Oz Moving is here to provide you with an F.A.Q regarding moving during COVID-19.

Can I still move during COVD-19? Is Moving considered an Essential Service? 

Yes, OZ Moving is still operating. According to New York State Executive Order 202.6, Moving remains an essential service under section 11. Moving is also considered an essential service in Los Angeles, as listed according to the Los Angeles Country list of Essential Services under section 13(h).

Though we are operating, we have experienced a natural decline in volume of work being performed, and are not operating at our usual capacity. Please bear in mind, people move under many circumstances; financial pressure, to be closer to family, divorce, flood or fire remediation, legal obligations to vacate a property. Not all moves are flexible or under positive circumstances. For as long as we possibly can, we need to be available for ALL circumstances our clients face. And we need to be there for our employees. The employees that are working are doing so by choice. They want to stay productive and provide for their families if they can during this crisis.

It is our position, we will continue to work for as long as we can and unless directed not to by the state, city or federal government.

What are Oz Moving’s cancellation policies at this time? Are there any changes to this during this time? Can people reschedule their moves? 

We at Oz Moving understand the uncertainty our clients are facing today and have suspended all cancellation and rescheduling fees. As long as our clients notify us of their need to cancel or reschedule by the night before the move, they will not be charged any fees. We are doing our best to offer our clients alternative options such as storage or loading of their own truck in order to help them move on time. We also offer last minute scheduling to help clients who have a time sensitive situation.

How is OZ Moving following Social Distancing and taking additional COVID precautions?

Oz Moving & Storage is taking precautions to protect both our clients and employees during this crisis. We are sanitizing equipment, encouraging social distancing and monitoring our employees. Many of our office personnel are working remotely from home. Oz Moving is following the safety recommendations encouraged by the New York State Movers Association. To better understand how Oz is complying to these safety precautions, we have outlines some of our safety measures below.  

Testing of workers:

Oz is monitoring and screening our employees; we will question anyone appearing to be marginally fatigued or under the weather and advising any employee that may be a risk to stay home 

Precautions workers are taking for cleanliness:

Employees are encouraged to follow CDC recommendations and maintain personal hygiene, including hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and protective gear when needed.

Size of the moving teams:

Our movers are assigned to specific teams, so each person works with the same small group of people, truck and equipment every day. To minimize exposure, they maintain social distancing and avoid physical contact with members of other teams.

Handling of access to buildings:

With 27 years of experience, most buildings know and trust Oz to follow all government guidelines, including sanitizing our equipment and vehicles. We also carry general liability insurance that is required by many buildings. As a reputable mover, we continue to get access to building even during those times. Some buildings require protective gear, Including: masks, gloves, booties, etc.  and we gladly comply with those requests.

What does Oz ask of it’s clients to ensure cleanliness?

We ask that our clients maintain a safe and clean environment for our movers to work in, maintain social distancing, allow workers to wash their hands or provide hand sanitizer when needed.

Is Storage considered an essential service right now? How is this changing due to COVID? 

Oz Storage is fully operational during this time. Storage can be the perfect solution for clients who have to leave their current home, but have not yet gained access to their new home. We offer short term and long term storage. Unlike other storage facilities that offer Self-Storage with free access to anyone, we only offer full-service storage. This means that we can keep the storage clear of contamination. Only Oz Moving employees that have been screened for symptoms are allowed in the facility.



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