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Exhausting physical labor like what goes into any moving job only gets harder in the dog days of summer. No one wants to have to carry a heavy sofa or flat screen TV in 100 degrees of heat. Summer is a particularly difficult time to move for another unrelated reason as well: summer is when demand for moving supplies and services skyrockets. American school schedules end before and begin after the summer, which means they generally need to move within the few months school is off. Oz Moving & Storage performs thousands of moves every summer - literally - and we like to think we’ve perfected the art of a summer move that hurts less than a bad sunburn. Here are the best tips we’d advise you about moving during the summer.



Demand for moving supplies you’ll certainly need any services you might need will spike in the summer months, especially if you’re planning on renting them very close to the beginning or ending of a certain month. First off - center a timeframe where the actual relocating can be done. After you figure that out - call and ask moving companies about your date. If you’re going the DIY route, book a truck or other supplies in advance too to make sure you don’t miss out. If you’re in NYC like Oz, you might need to confirm with your building that you are allowed to move on the desired date – as it is the busy season, many people are moving and some buildings will not allow more than one move at a time.



As demand is so high in the summer, it pays to be flexible. The closer you are to the start or end of a month, the more expensive any moving related purchase is likely to be. With more availability, it’s easier to get the best deal, and navigate around any scheduling issues or unexpected road bumps that might arise.


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A muggy hot summer day in the city can make moving uncomfortable, but there are plenty of ways to make it seem better. Have AC’s ready to be installed early in the new home; it makes unpacking much more comfortable. Make sure to have cold water for anyone that’s helping you move, including the movers. Make sure to keep a normal eating schedule, and avoid going low on nourishment when losing plenty of fluids to sweat. Heat stroke and exhaustion are serious concerns in the summer when performing a strenuous task like moving.



We appreciate the help, but movers work faster independently. If you want to help, do it in a different room. This applies to kids too. If you have kids, makes sure you have an arrangement for them as schools are usually out. Family friends or extended family are always a good option for babysitting.


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Look everywhere before you tell yourself you’re done packing! People who move commonly forget to check every part of their home, like in dishwashers, medicine cabinets, kitchen cabinets, shelves, refrigerators, and storage units in their basements before moving. Since you’re already planning well ahead for your summer move, you should have plenty of time to check each and every possible place in your home for items you won’t want to forget. After a long, grueling day of moving in the summer heat, no one wants to have to make one more trip because they “forgot something.”




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