Moving During the Holidays

Moving During the holiday season


Moving during the holidays can be ho-ho-horrible. Most people are scrambling to buy gifts, set travel plans, tie loose ends at work before taking time off, or with some other busy-making task. With all these other preoccupations, planning a move can be even more difficult. Fortunately, a savvy planner can pull off a move during the holidays and still have themselves a jolly season.



 Moving companies and building managers will often change their hours around the holidays. Many people are already unaware of the normal hours of their building will allow them to move in/out, so any holiday closures would catch them totally off-guard. Before planning a move for a date close to a major holiday, check with moving companies and your building to ensure you have the option to move on your preferred days.
Unpacking Holiday Decor


If you’re moving before the day of the holiday you celebrate, make sure to set up any of your holiday decorations first to stay in the spirit of the season. Make sure you pack these festive items together and label them to ensure you will find them easily. Items like christmas decorations, holiday cards, ornaments, and traditional garb should be in these labeled holiday boxes. Any gifts you’ll be bringing with you are also important to label. After all, giving is the most important part of the season!


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During the holiday season, friends and family will try and make plans with you all the time. If they know ahead of time that you’re preoccupied with moving, they can more easily accommodate your schedule if they want to make plans involving you. Sending out announcements is a good way to let all your friends know, but something as simple as posting on Facebook can work wonders too.


Holiday Storage Tips

Holiday decorations are only in use for about a month a year (if you’re not too lazy to get rid of them on time), so most of the time they only take up space in the average person’s house. Moving is a great opportunity to also find a storage facility, because all your other items are already all packed up and ready to be consolidated in storage should you choose to put them there. Once the holidays are over, there's always a time to put away the decor and with these storage tips you will be sure to do it efficiently and safely!  

Our tips on holiday storage


The holiday season is a perfect time to hire a moving company to handle your move. As not a lot of people typically move during the holidays (which is why you’re reading this article), moving companies are more accommodating during this part of the year. With so much else going on already in the holiday season, why waste your time packing, wrapping, carrying, etc. when you could leave it to a professional? It will be most worth the money at this time of the year to hire movers.



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