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It’s no secret that New York City is composed of 5 distinct boroughs, all offering an assortment of conveniences, reputations and styles of living. Each borough offers something different to New Yorkers, which is what makes New York stand out from other cities around the world. Out of the 5 boroughs, the two boroughs that seem to constantly spar with one another for greatness are Brooklyn and Manhattan. We’re not here to argue about which borough is better, but if you are considering a move between the two boroughs, here is what you should know:

Brooklyn is BIGGER than Manhattan!

Many people underestimate how giant Brooklyn can feel compared to Manhattan. Brooklyn is more than 3 times larger in square miles than Manhattan, which means it can take quite a bit of time getting from one end to the other. Brooklyn is also far more populated than Manhattan, and is home to almost a million more residents than Manhattan. However, given Brooklyn’s significantly larger size, Manhattan has two times the population density of Brooklyn.

Not every neighborhood is the same:

The first thing to understand is that Manhattan isn’t a uniform borough. Manhattan has a reputation of being congested, full of busy sidewalks and glass buildings. But, areas of Manhattan differ greatly from one another. For instance, compare a neighborhood like Inwood to the Financial District. Inwood, in upper Manhattan has a more relaxed and old-school family neighborhood. It offers a slower pace of life, an area where you have plenty of parks and neighbors who smile at you. Meanwhile, an area like the Financial District can feel very modern and futuristic. Fidi is busier and more money-oriented than some other areas of Manhattan. There are a lot of daily visitors and commuter traffic, which can be a plus to some who like that quintessential super fast NYC pace of life.

In a similar vein, the architecture varies widely throughout the borough. Some people in Manhattan prefer to live in large apartment buildings with full-service amenities, like a doorman or fitness center. Others choose to live in Brownstones, which is typically the case in Brooklyn (though of course it varies). Some neighborhoods with beautiful historic architecture are Harlem and The Upper West Side, which is home to famous buildings like the Dakota and Apthrop.

Lots of art!

Manhattan is full of wonderful museums. The Upper East Side, notably, has the famous museum mile which is full of places to visit like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim. But that’s not all. Also check out the Jewish Museum, the Cooper Hewitt and the Museum of the City of New York. (They are all within blocks of one another!) If you are more of a downtown-type-of person, there is also the New Museum and the Whitney, which are worth checking out.

Manhattan actually has some nature.

Central Park may be the most famous park in Manhattan, but it isn’t the only park worth visiting for access to green space. Be sure to check out Morningside Park, Riverside Park, Fort Tryon Park, Tompkins Square Park among others. There is also some beautiful scenery across the West Side Highway boardwalk and East River boardwalk. In the summer they offer free kayaking on the river or you can take a stroll across the Williamsburg Bridge for some good exercise.

and arguably better transportation?

Those in Brooklyn know that sometimes the transportation within Brooklyn isn’t ideal — sometimes Google maps will suggest you go into Manhattan just to get to another part of Brooklyn. In Manhattan, however, the transit system is more centralized meaning that you don’t ever have to leave Manhattan to get to another part of the borough. Improved commutes are a huge benefit to life in Manhattan.

Though it may be harder to own a car.

Owning a car in Brooklyn can be an entirely different experience than owning a car in Manhattan. 44% of Brooklyn households own a car, whereas only 22% of Manhattan households have a car, proving that a car is Manhattan may not be necessary. In some areas of Manhattan, owning a car can be a huge burden because of the limited street parking. Some areas of Manhattan have street cleaning several times a week which means you have to continuously panic for a parking spot, and move your car several times a week. However, in other areas of Manhattan, you only have to move your car once a week. This is something to research if you don’t want to pay for a parking garage and don’t want to give up your car. (Though it’s important to note that car insurance in Manhattan tends to be cheaper than in Brooklyn)

Real estate in Manhattan can actually be cheaper.

It’s true prices in Manhattan can be higher than in Brooklyn. But that is not always the case. Upper Manhattan tends to be cheaper than Downtown Manhattan, sometimes even cheaper than prices in Brooklyn though the Cost of Living in Brooklyn is still slightly less. According to Zumper, the most affordable neighborhoods are Washington Heights, East Harlem, and Inwood which are cheaper than some neighborhoods in Brooklyn. While neighborhoods in Brooklyn like DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights are actually more expensive than many neighborhoods in Manhattan. Do you research!

And the schools are great!

Manhattan has some of the best public schools throughout the city. This is a huge attraction for families with children, or anyone who is expecting a child. Admittance to public schools is largely dependent on where you live and what schools you are zoned for. Living in Manhattan can be beneficial if you have your eye on a certain Manhattan public school and want to live in that school district to improve your chances.

The Big Apple has lots to explore so why not switch it up and change boroughs. If you want to plan your move, start researching apartments on Streeteasy or Craigslist. You may also want to hire a Manhattan moving company or rely on Brooklyn movers to help you get your stuff across the bridge!

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