The Pros and Cons of Living in NYC

NYC is mythologized as a City of Dreams, as the one destination where you can make life happen. Moving to NYC is a life goal for many, however, some may find that this city is not their cup of tea. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide if NYC is the right place for you.


The Pros & Cons of Living in New York City

New York City is no doubt one of the most exciting places in the world. NYC is home to the hustle and bustle, boasting a fast-paced style of living. In no other place, can you meet as many people from diverse and unique backgrounds. New York City is home to nightlife that rages on until dawn, as well as dozens of art galleries or Broadway Shows that will knock your socks off.

Unfortunately living in NYC isn’t always as glamorous as the movies can make it seem. NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who lives here is rich. Some may complain about the scenes of homeless people side by side by million dollar high rises as evidence of the drastic divide between the rich and the poor in the city.

The Pros: What are the Advantages of living in NYC

NYC is incredibly easy to get around. Whether you like to walk, bike or take public transportation, there are options to get around affordably. The accessibility of public transit is a huge perk of life in NYC.

New York City is surprisingly safe. Though it may have a reputation for being wild and dangerous, the crime rates in NYC are still relatively low. Most New Yorkers feel comfortable walking through the streets, even late at night. There are also many apps that can help track crime in your neighborhood like Nextdoor or Citizen, which can be helpful for feeling secure. 

In New York City you’ll never feel like an outcast. Though some may complain that it’s a lonely city, we beg to differ. Unlike smaller towns that can feel claustrophobic, in New York City, you can truly reinvent yourself and live without fear of judgement. You’ll never be the only person in the room who thinks the way you do. 

Another huge perk of living in New York City is the endless 24 hour convenience. You don’t have to worry about whether something will be open, or if they will have your favorite type of food in your area. There is a wide variety of museums, theatres, restaurants, bars, boutique shopping and local businesses to try. You’ll never get bored in New York City, there will always be a new adventure to embark on. 

The Cons: What are the Disadvantages of living in NYC

Most New Yorkers can collectively agree that the worst part of living in NYC is the cost of living. The high price for real estate can make life in the Big Apple stressful and uncomfortable, particularly if you are working more than 40 hours a week to make ends meet. Some New Yorkers complain that they can’t even enjoy what the city has to offer due to long hours and expensive prices. 

New York is not exactly built for cars: Uber and Lyft tend to be expensive in NYC, especially during rush hour. Moreover, driving in NYC can be stressful especially when it comes to finding parking, which is why we recommend you get comfortable with walking long distances before you move there. 

Another frustrating aspect of life in the Concrete Jungle is the lack of noise, hectic atmosphere and lack of green spaces. New Yorkers have to learn to coexist with construction, traffic and loud sirens. Though there are lovely parks like Central Park or Prospect Park, it’s not exactly comparable to living in the country or the suburbs. It’s no secret why wealthy NYC families choose to have second homes in The Hamptons, Cape Cod or Florida, to get away from the noise and get some fresh air. 

Many New Yorkers may also complain about the weather; too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. Navigating all 4 seasons can be tricky, especially with all of the natural disasters you may experience in NYC like heat waves, flash floods, hurricanes, and snow storms. Be prepared for some strange weather patterns when you live in New York. 

Is it worth living in NYC?

NYC is a destination for those seeking to advance their careers or find new career opportunities. 

For this reason, NYC living can be super worth it. In New York City, you can network and build connections with like minded individuals. The hustle culture in NYC can be a huge motivating factor, encouraging you to work harder.

The colossally high rent can be a huge obstacle for making your dreams come true in the city. Going out to dinner can run you at least $30 or more, coming out to a hefty expense. The expensive cost of living is a huge factor when considering a move to NYC; is it worth it to reside in NYC or work remotely and live in a cheaper locale?

What salary do you need to live comfortably in NYC?

To live in NYC alone, you may want to earn around $70,000 a year. If you’re planning to live with roommates and split the rent, perhaps a salary of $50,000 will do. The average rent for a one bedroom apartment in NYC is $3000 a month. However, rent can typically be cheaper in the outer boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens than in central Manhattan. 

How can I move to New York alone?

It takes a brave soul to move to NYC alone, but don’t worry, there are plenty who have paved the way for you. Before you move to the Big Apple, we recommend you coordinate a sublet to figure out if you like living in NYC and what neighborhood suits you. Often, signing a lease can be a huge commitment and headache. It can also be difficult to find a place to live when you are not familiar with New York or don’t have many friends who live there.

To find a sublet, check Gypsy Housing NYC, Listings Project, Roomi, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Usually, when you sublet you may end up living with roommates which can be a great first step to making friends in the city. 

We also recommend saving around $5000 before you move. This should cover your initial expenses when moving to the city that never sleeps.

Fun Facts About New York City
  • The longest avenue in NYC is Broadway which stretches for over 30 miles between lower Manhattan, through midtown and the Bronx. Broadway actually goes all the way through NYC and into Yonkers.

  • Times Square used to be called Longacre Square until The New York Times moved its headquarters there, down to the building where the ball drops every New Year’s Eve. In 1904 Times Square was renamed after The New York Times. 

  • NYC is home to over 800 languages, making it one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the world. The high concentration of diverse cultural backgrounds means that you can find some of the best food in New York, particularly if you venture out to Queens or some less touristy spots.

  • Central Park in Manhattan was the first landscaped park in the United States. Central Park boasts some of the most interesting history in the city. On the Upper East Side, you’ll find plenty of old Carriage Houses where rich New Yorkers used to keep carriages for walks through the park.

  • There are 3 major international airports that are easily accessible from NYC: Newark, JFK and Laguardia. This makes residing in NYC ideal for those who love to travel or who need to take frequent work trips.

  • The nickname “Big Apple” has a curious history. Some say that it was coined by a horse racing journalist, who heard many horse racers refer to the prize money in NYC as “The Big Apple” of horse racing. Another source notes that the name refers to the apples given to teachers on the first day of school as a symbol of flattery and desirability, so it’s no wonder that NYC was considered the Biggest Apple of all.  

20 Famous People From New York City

The Melting Pot has raised some of the most iconic figures in pop culture, cinema, art, comedy and music. The Big City is home to Hip Hop and Soul artists like Biggie Smalls, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, as well as Jazz musicians like Duke Ellington, Tony Bennett and Count Basie also hail from New York.

Furthermore, it’s no secret why there are so many iconic books and films based in New York. Writers like Nora Ephron, JD Salinger, Edith Wharton and Henry Miller were born and raised in NYC and used the city as a backdrop for plenty of their novels.

NYC is also home to film directors who took tons of inspiration from the energy and atmosphere of the city. Spike Lee, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Judd Apatow and Mel Gibson are as New York as it gets. Moreover, award winning actors like Robert De Niro, Timothee Chalamet, Scarlett Johansson and Steve Buscemi all grew up in the streets of New York. Hollywood would be nowhere without its New York imports.

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