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After spending nights perusing Streeteasy, you may be relieved to finally have found the perfect NYC no-fee apartment. Once you’ve secured the lease, paid your first month’s rent and security deposit, you should start thinking about the move and reaching out to professional NYC movers.

How to Make Moving in NYC Easier?

Renters know the drill! Every so often, New Yorkers decide it’s time to move out of their current place in search of better digs. Whether you are moving in with roommates, or out on your own New Yorkers know the real estate hustle: searching for that affordable monthly rent while trying to avoid broker’s fees can feel like an impossible task. However, once you find the right place, it can be hard to feel relief because that’s when the moving process begins!

Moving in NYC can feel like a marathon that never ends. But, fortunately the time will come when you are comfortably settled into your new home. Eventually, your move will feel like a distant memory. There are several ways to make moving feel like less of a headache. We asked the experts at Oz to help us make our move go a bit smoother and ease any unnecessary hassle.

What is the best way to move in NYC?

The best way to move in NYC is to stay on top of things. Ask your friends for help. Talk to your superintendent, or landlord, to see if they can suggest a good time for you to move your things. You don’t want to be moving on the same day as half the building. You also don’t want to schedule your move during a busy holiday! 

How much money do you need to move in NYC?

There are numerous expenses that you may have to encounter like broker’s fees and application fees. Hiring movers can be pricey!. It is much cheaper to hire a U-Haul and move your stuff yourself. You can also see if you can hire some help off of craigslist. But, make sure that they seem reliable. 

What is the best month to move in NYC?

The best month to move is after the summer, but before it gets super cold. It is not fun to move in 98 degree weather. It is also not fun to move during a snowstorm or hurricane. To learn more about the best time to move in NYC check out our blog here.

How can I make finding movers easier?

Try searching for local moving companies in your area who specialize in your borough. Look for Manhattan movers, Brooklyn movers, Queens movers, Staten Island movers and The Bronx movers

Hiring professional movers who know the neighborhood well can be key to a seamless move. You want movers who know every street and how to get around traffic. You want movers who know the fastest way to get from your old place to your new one. 

Plan your move

When moving to your new apartment, you want to schedule the move before the end of your current lease. This will be helpful so you don’t end up scrambling your move without a place to stay. However, if your lease ends before your new lease starts, you may need to put things in storage and sleep on your friend’s couch. Either way, it is helpful to have additional time so you can go back to your old apartment and fix any wall holes, scuff marks or do additional cleaning to avoid forfeiting the deposit. You want to move out and have the apartment empty for the cleaning. 

Hire trusted and professional NYC mover

Read reviews and ask your friends. It is important to hire a moving service that you trust. Moving companies in the Big Apple generally know how to get around NYC and move bulky furniture around narrow spaces and tiny elevator shafts.

Get organized ASAP and pack smart

Start collecting all of your packing materials early! You don’t want to run out boxes midway through packing. Depending on whether you are moving from a studio or two bedroom apartment, you are going to need to compile enough boxes for the move. You can either save old boxes from packages you order and keep boxes from appliances you buy. Otherwise, you can ask nearby stores or your superintendent to see if they have any extra boxes in the basement. Purchasing boxes and using reusable plastic crates is also possible.  

When it comes to padding and securing fragile items, you can always use old clothing, blankets or linens if you don’t want to use single-use items like packing peanuts and bubble wrap. 

Review your new building's rules before moving day

If you are hiring movers, be sure to coordinate with the building management. It would be terrible to show up unannounced and not be able to move in.

Try to see if you can get a parking spot outside your apartment on the day of the move. This will make moving a whole lot easier. You don’t want to be double parked on a busy street. That can incur parking fines/ make the move more hectic. 

Don't move during a major city event

You probably don’t want to move on the day of the New York City Marathon or any other big event that closes the streets. Central Park (5th avenue and CPW) is also another area of NYC that has frequent street closures! If you hire movers, they will most likely know the city schedule and work around that.

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Moving is a big job! It’s possible for things to not go to plan. There can be street closures, traffic or a number of pesky parking tickets. Some of your items can even break during the process. Be prepared for anything! Moving is exhausting. 

Ready to move?

From the Upper East Side, to Midtown, to the South Bronx, Oz Moving has got your back. NYC Movers are pros (from pick up, to loading, to unpacking) to getting you settled at your new NYC apartment. Request a free quote today.





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