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Oz Moving & Storage is well aware that moving is an expensive process. From the cost of boxes, packing materials, and the services of a NYC moving company, to the time off work required and the time lost planning, moving takes a toll on peoples’ bank accounts. No one will turn down an extra dollar saved; for some people, it makes a world of difference. Knowing how important price is to our customers, we are happy to provide our most tried-and-true tips for saving money on a move below.

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A tip for anyone using movers: moving companies usually charge foremost based on the hours they expect their crew will spend working on the job. The less work the moving company does, the more you save. This means people who move should pack their own boxes, disassemble their own furniture, and think about whatever else they can do beforehand to limit the time their hired company spends completing the moving process - measure items to make sure they fit in clearances, reserve service elevators, determine best parking spot, etc.


Most companies charge by the hour, so the less time they work the more the customer will save. Save the company’s time and get organized; the less time movers need to organize things, the better. Get started with disassembling items early; disassemble anything that won’t fit out the door otherwise so your movers won’t have to. It might also be beneficial to disassemble anything that might be easier to move in its disassembled state. As a moving company, people always ask Oz how they can help their movers, and our most common response is “get out of the way.” Our customers’ clients’ help is well-meant, but the movers have their own routine and outside help will likely just get in their way.


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Though time is a huge factor, not everything comes down to time when it comes to saving money on a moving company. Tactics like pre-purchasing boxes, tape, and blankets, preferably in bulk when applicable, will help people who are moving save money. Getting rid of excess items in a moving inventory will help lower costs too. Moving companies will often charge by volume or weight.

What happens on moving day isn’t the only factor when it comes to calculating price. Timing is a huge component in what a moving company will charge for a move. We recommend maintaining flexibility on dates – moving-related rentals and moving company services are a supply-demand industry. Find a soft period of demand and there will be a great deal. Anyone who moves can get the best price by booking in advance, but not too far in advance. In the slow season, book your move about 4 weeks in advance with movers. In the peak season, book 6-8 weeks in advance. These are the periods where you will get the best price.

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Perhaps not hiring a moving company is the best way to avoid high moving costs. A totally DIY move is the cheapest, but amateurs can get a plethora of mistakes leading to increased costs. These include parking tickets, damages to their own items, damages to either building, supply rental fees, personal injuries, etc. The costs befalling one of these risks can be quite high, so anyone moving DIY style needs to keep that in mind. 


DIY movers can save money in a lot of the same ways as moving company customers. Fuel costs and truck rental costs can be affected by the size/weight of a moving inventory; so much like with moving company usage, downsizing and decluttering can help with saving money on a DIY move. The less stuff a DIY mover has, the smaller the truck they rent can be (which usually means cheaper).



Prevent panic-buying necessities by packing your everyday items – shampoo, work clothes, toothpaste, alarm clock, etc. in their own box or carefully labelling.


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