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Moving can be a defining experience in someone’s life. A change of surroundings often becomes a change of identity, but sometimes leads to a failure to adapt, and a sense of homesickness. A lot is made of moving as growing, with one article suggesting “You Need To Move At Least 5 Times In Your Life”. Some people end up moving far more than 5 times in their life, even moving double-digit times before entering their 30s. Regardless of how many times you move, if you do so in the Big Apple, you should get help from professional NYC movers.

We wondered how often the average person moved, so we asked our scholarship applicants a few questions about moving in their life. We took what they told us and turned it into a few charts.


About our Survey Respondents

The vast majority of the respondents to our survey were between the ages of 17-19, with the largest number at 18 years old (198). Though some of our respondents were in their 20s and early 30s, most have not lived most of their lives yet and may yet move many more times.

Almost everyone has moved - at least once.

Of the 508 people that gave us a number of how many times they moved, only 45 said they had never moved in their lives. The 508 responses graphed above don’t include the people who couldn’t even recall how many times they had moved (because they had moved so many times). The moving struggle is pretty relatable.

Click here to get a better look at the graph. (Note: Some larger numbers excluded)


Most People Have Moved 1-4 Times.

302 of the 508 respondents tracked in the above graph moved 1-4 times in their life. Based on this data, the median number of moves in these respondents’ lifetimes is 3. The mean number of moves was 3.86 ; we’ll call it 4 times, since no one can move .86 times. The most popular response, however, was one; 96 people answered that they’ve only moved once in their lives. (Lucky folks.)


But most haven’t ever moved out of state (yet).

288/521 respondents who gave a numerical answer to this question had never moved out of state in their lives - more than 50%. 142 more had only moved out of state once. We don’t know for sure, but this could indicate many people in our survey were moving between apartments and neighborhoods, and not moving to new cities and new locales altogether.


So, how often do people move?

Based on the ages of each of the survey respondents, and their respective ages, on average they have moved every 4.86 years. It’s easier to think of that as 4 years, 10 months and 10 days. Considering the majority of our respondents were ages 17-19, it makes most sense to think of this as the average amount of time between moves for a person under 19.


Is that too much?

A move about once every five years seems like a lot; that could be 15 moves over the course of a lifetime. Do people get too easily bored and dissatisfied in their old homes? Does work-related relocation happen too often for many people to settle in one place? Does the housing market encourage people to frequently relocate? Do military families and other frequent-movers skew the data too much? We would love to hear your hypothesis. Tweet your thoughts at @OzMovingNYC!



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