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Is Brooklyn Expensive to Live?

Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the world. It's home to 2.77 million people alone, and although the borough is larger than some, it most certainly is one of the most desirable places to live, with incredible entertainment and fantastic restaurants around every corner. It’s known for locations like Coney Island, and you will not go hungry with some of the best New York-style pizza available here. Brooklyn is also known for Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Bridge. So what do Brooklyn movers cost?

Factoring in all of the demand and wonder of the city, you can expect to pay a bit more to move to Brooklyn than you would some other cities. NYC movers charge based on distance as well as the complexity of the move. There’s quite a bit that goes into that pricing decision. Brooklyn movers certainly are worth the investment since moving in some of the neighborhoods here, with smaller streets and compact spaces, isn’t always easy to do. Moving companies range widely in what they offer as well as what you’ll pay.

Average Cost for Local Brooklyn Move

How much do Brooklyn movers cost? Moving costs range widely based on what you need from the moving company. If you just need moving services across town, you will find prices far more affordable than if you need professional movers to move from across the country to Brooklyn. Local moves cost less, but that’s just one factor in the cost. Unpacking services cost more. If you have a simple one bedroom apartment, that’s more affordable than packing up a large estate in Manhattan.

To help you to determine how much it may cost to move to Brooklyn, consider these rough estimates of hiring Brooklyn movers with a moving truck.

  • STUDIO: $400 TO $700

  • 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT: $700 TO $1100

  • 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT: $1100 TO $1500


That’s just a rough estimate. To get a true price for your home, request a moving quote. It will provide you with far more information about what you can expect.


Factors Determining the Cost of Hiring Brooklyn Movers

Many factors impact the overall moving cost. The key to remember is that there is more that goes into this process than just a moving truck showing up on moving day to help you to transport items from one area to the next. NYC moving is often more elaborate than that. A moving quote will provide you with more insight into the specific costs associated with the move you choose. Keep in mind that you can pick and choose the services you need, but when it comes to Brooklyn moving, you’ll want to consider using many of these services. That’s because moving can be a challenge in some areas of the city due to the overall availability of space and those tight corners and hallways in many of the borough’s best neighborhoods.  

Here's a breakdown of some of the factors that impact the cost of moving in Brooklyn and what you can expect to see in a moving quote. Ask for the services you need! A stress-free move is always going to be worth paying a bit more for in just about every situation, making the mover's cost more affordable.

Size of Your Move

One of the key factors that impact cost is the size of your move. Price ranges here are the most significant. The larger your home is, the more you will need to move, increasing the length of the process and the difficulty of it. Moving to a new home in Brooklyn with a one-bedroom apartment is going to cost much less than moving your three-bedroom penthouse. Some companies offer a flat rate based on the size of your apartment, but others will charge an hourly rate. The larger your space is, the more important that flat rate will be for keeping costs down.


How far your new location is from your existing location also plays a role in the cost. For example, New Yorkers moving across town will pay much less than those who need long distance moving from another state or even from across the country. Local movers have less distance to move your items to the new location. Going from Queens to Brooklyn, for example, is typically affordable. Out-of-state moves tend to require higher costs because of the added fuel and the need for a moving team for a longer period of time.

Moving Distance

Packing Services & Packing Supply

Are you considering a full-service move? That means that you may wish to consider packing services. Additional services like this will add to the cost, but for those who need the help and want to have a stress-free move as much as possible, hiring a team for packing services is well worth it. How much do movers cost when it comes to adding in the cost of packing? The cost here is going to be significantly higher, but again, it really depends on the size of your move. Big Apple pricing for packing services may be a flat rate depending on the size of your location and how much stuff you have. Otherwise, expect to pay between $20 and $60 per hour.

Also, consider the packing supply you need. Even if you plan to DIY your move, you still need boxes and other materials to help you with the process. That adds to the cost. Packing materials are available from your movers, including boxes, tape, items to protect your fragile pieces, and much more. These packing supplies can be great for getting your property packed up safely to move.


Is your moving date approaching, but your new home is not ready yet? This often happens when you are closing on one home and waiting for the other to be ready to move into. That is when you may need some help with storage. Moving needs here include storage of your items before they can go to their final destination.


How much do movers have to move down stairs? Tight squeezes and narrow halls in some of those Bronx walk-up homes are nothing short of challenging for movers. Stairs also mean more work, which adds to the cost in some situations.

Moving Date

Your moving date can also influence the overall cost. Cost estimates can be obtained well into the future – and it tends to cost much less when you request and book your services a month or more in advance. Cost estimates will go up, though, if you are looking for help in the next week or so. That’s just a factor of availability for some moving companies.

Moving Date

Extra Fees for Specialty Items

Long-distance movers and local movers will charge more for some items. If you have very heavy items or items that are fragile and difficult to move, that’s going to cost you more to move than items that are in boxes.

The average cost of moving is very much dependent on what you own. Let’s say you have a lot of art that needs to be packed safely for transport, or you have antique crystal that needs special care. That is going to cost more to move than simple clothing in boxes.

Moving Insurance

Hiring a team with ample moving experience is important, but even with the most experienced team, problems can occur. That’s where moving insurance comes into play. Basic limited liability insurance for your items (valued at 0.60 per pound) is typically provided without extra cost. However, it may be wise to add more to this to protect your valuables.


One thing not included in your free quote is a tip. When people are helping you move and doing a great job, you may feel it beneficial to offer a tip. This often is 15 to 20% of the total cost. During the pandemic, that may be a bit more if you feel it is worthwhile to thank your movers.

See our guide on how much you should tip your movers

Calculating the moving cost in NYC can be hard. There sure are a lot of factors that are going to play a role in the costs you pay. However, with a bit of help and guidance – and a free quote from a moving company – you can plan for this cost with ease.

To help you plan in advance, it might also be useful to read our guide on how much moving to Brooklyn costs.


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