How to Move A Football Team to Los Angeles

Moving to LA Football Stadium


Sunny Los Angeles is a great place for anyone to move. There’s great weather, lots of fun things to do, and booming industries. It’s no wonder so many people have bothered to move here - including a number of football teams. Considering moving your football team to Los Angeles? Take it from Oz Moving & Storage - the leaders in moving long distance to Los Angeles. Make sure you follow these key tips to make sure you’re moving the chains without any fumbles and interceptions, and you reach the endzone.


Leaving home

It can be tough to say goodbye to a city that has supported your team for so long. Just remember you’re leaving it for Los Angeles! LA has everything. Sun. Financial Opportunity. Hollywood. Profit. Beaches. Did we mention the money? On second thought, let’s get out of here as soon as we can, and get to Los Angeles.



Getting all your team’s stuff ready to move can be tricky. Here a few tips on the items you want to bring with you to LA:



If your team is any good, they’ll probably have a few trophies in their case ready to go. You wouldn’t want to get, say, the Vince Lombardi Trophy from the 1999 Super Bowl,  to get damaged in your move. Generally, trophies will need to be wrapped carefully to ensure they don’t get damaged during movement. Many trophies will have a “base” made from harder materials that a more breakable part on top of the base. Make sure the more breakable parts of these trophies are double wrapped for extra caution. Make sure to choose a box which the trophy will fit inside entirely. For extra precaution, add more packing paper to the box to keep  It goes without saying that the items inside the box should be considered fragile; make sure you label the box as such, and add “trophies” onto the side too. All the trophies should be put inside the box with the base at the bottom; label your box “This side up” so the trophy tops don’t get smashed on the ground.


Moving Footballs 



Make sure you deflate your footballs before you pack them to save some space inside your boxes. An anonymous tipster known only as “The Deflator” gave us this great tip. Thanks, Tom! (And as always, laces out.)

Moving Football Pads 


Try stacking alike pads that are similar in size to save extra space. Make sure there’s backing material in the box with the pads to prevent them from cracking or getting damaged otherwise. Like with the trophies, you also want to make sure the box you use is large enough to hold the pads.


Temporary sublet

Like ordinary people, sometimes football teams need a temporary sublet. If your own stadium isn’t ready to go yet, make sure to secure a temporary sublet. Try craigslist or something, I don’t know. We’re pretty sure Westside Apartments, one of the best sites for finding homes in LA, isn’t expanding to stadiums soon. Try asking your local government if a local stadium sublet is right for you.

Moving a Football Team 


Real Estate for Players

Because of the uncertainty of being an athlete, there are many real estate firms that attempt to facilitate the inevitable need for relocation services. Trulia and Streeteasy's Diane Tuman sat down with an employee of such a group, and revealed a lot about what it takes to get a deal done for an athlete. Try referring one of these agents for your players to help them settle into the area if they show signs of poorly adapting and/or are too busy practicing. 


Settling Down in LA

Los Angeles can take a little bit of adjusting to. There’s lots of traffic. It’s a different experience culturally from most of the rest of the US. You’re still in traffic from earlier. (Traffic is pretty bad.) Take some time off unpacking when you move in and get acquainted with the area. Meet some potential fans, and local lawmakers. They might help you get acquainted with the area. You never know when you might need a new stadium, after all.


When it’s time to move away from LA again

We all know the history of LA football teams, so it might not be long before your team decides it’s time to leave Los Angeles.

Oz Moving & Storage are your go-to movers for long distance from Los Angeles, serving major cities like San Francisco, New York, Cleveland, Boston, and Miami. If you have to leave the city of angels, give us a call.


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