Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Looking for a great gift for the couple you know who’s moving in together? We know how people feel after they’re done moving, so we have a good idea of what people want when they’re done with the moving process and settling into their new home. Here is our gift guide for your housewarming present:


Toilet Paper

Help avoid the worst possible scenario in a new home - no toilet paper in the bathroom! Oftentimes, stocking up with everyday items gets lost in the moving process - make sure that doesn’t happen with all-important TP.

Seamless Gift Card

No one wants to go grocery shopping and spend time cooking right after they move. Many of the dishes and kitchenwares are still packed away, and some of the kitchen equipment might not be working yet. That’s where a delivery gift card could really come in handy.

Toolbox Gift

When renters become owners, or apartment dwellers become housebound suburbanites, hardware becomes much more important. Tools are especially useful for those moving into their first home.

Stationery / Address Labels

With a new home comes a new address, and a chance to establish a new image. Address labels for mailings or stationery for documents can provide especially useful to those who work from home.

Wine Glasses

Wine bottles are one of the most common housewarming presents. Oftentimes, they are a great gift to both commemorate and celebrate the exciting occasion of a new home. The wine has to go in something, though, and that’s where the wine glasses work perfectly.

Personalized Keychain

With a new home comes new keys, and a chance to get creative. You can get a homey keychain with special pictures, or symbols relevant to the new place they’re living, or something else special to that person.



Potted Plant

Any new home will feel a little empty at first; a little bit of greenery can help beautify the space. Potted plants are more common gifts in other countries, but we think it’s a great custom and encourage people to bring it stateside.


A lot of homeowners go out of their way to buy nice new future when they first purchase a home. Make sure that stains from drinks don’t ruin the stuff by putting coasters below all of them.

Dish Towels

Many people don’t think ahead to buying dish towels, but they are really helpful in a lot of cases for those who cook frequently. Keeping a new home clean should be among any moving person’s priorities; help them accomplish their tidy task.


Scented Candles


Incense / Candles

Get rid of the scent of paint and cardboard and help make a new house feel like home. Giving the gift of good-smelling stuff can help friends get a fresh start in their new living space - literally.

His / Hers robes

The right robes are a cute couples gift, ideal for a lazy sunday where the only thing on the schedule is lounging together. Get creative and look for a pair that fit the couple’s personalities!


Emoji Pillows


Emoji Decorative Pillows

Some people believe in giving rooms moods; what better way to do that then with a decorative pillow that illustrates a mood? Whether it’s happiness, satisfaction, calmness, etc, there’s an emoji for that. You can even get a pillow shaped like a piece of dung; perfect for the doghouse.

Newspaper Rack

This is a great gift for the family that likes to stay well-read on current events. A newspaper rack adds class to any home, especially one who appreciates their share of all that’s fit to print.

Wall mirror

A wall mirror is a great addition to a new home, as it’s presence has multiple purposes. It improves the aesthetics of many rooms, and it can be used by the residents to check their appearance before they head outside of the home.

Daily Planner Organizer
Personal Calendar / Planner

Moving takes up a lot of time in someone’s schedule. Help them get their time back by getting organized with the rest of their time with a planner / calendar.

Fridge Magnet Picture Frames

Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than relics from your life. One of the most creative places to put these memorie capsules is on the fridge. Make sure to put a great photo in before sending your gift along to your friend!

Kitchen Storage Unit

Moving in together as a couple means combining two lifetimes worth of belongings. It may be more than either person had expected. Help get out in front of this problem by giving the gift of space.

Cookbook Housewarming Gift

What’s more exciting than preparing meals in a brand new kitchen? Get the olive oils flowing by giving ideas for fun new recipes and cuisine challenges for the aspiring chefs in their new home.


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