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college orientation

The first day of school often comes with a lot of preparation, nerves, and cautious optimism. Moving to college for a first day turns those emotions up to 100. For many students, it is the first time living away from their parents home, or at least the first time they are living by themselves. Many choose to attend school far away from their parents home, to experience college life in a new environment. Moving to attend college presents its own share of challenges for students, since many of them are dealing with the nuances of moving (along with many of the other nuances of adult life) for the very first time. Oz is no stranger to big moves, read our college moving tips below.


What’s in your housing (and what isn’t)

Most first year students move into dormitories, communal student housing meant to gradually ease these freshman into independent life. Dorms will often include many furniture items that do not come in a typical apartment, like a bed, or a desk, or a dresser. Dorms will often have multiple students living within the same confines, roommates. Roommates will often bring many items of their own as well to contribute to the living space. Others opt to live in on their own in typical apartments. Apartments will have far fewer amenities but often will include necessities like air conditioners, refrigerators, and stoves.


empty college dorm

If you’re moving into a dorm:
  • Check the website to see what amenities the dorm has.

  • Check with your roommates to see what they’re bringing.

  • Look up the dorm’s policies to make sure they allow everything you want to bring.

  • Keep the spatial confinements in mind.

  • Look for a nearby home goods store to buy any needed items.


If you’re moving into an apartment:
  • Ensure the commute to class won’t be problematic on school days

  • Check the neighborhood’s noise levels for potential late-night studying

  • Try and live with students or young professionals for schedule syncing.

  • Set a budget for living expenses that includes monthly housing bills, groceries, etc.


Student Move-In Day Checklist
  • Have a Plan of Action. The curb will be very busy; you’ll want to get out quick!

  • Stick to essentials first, then move in other things later.

  • Use the cart. Most college dorms have a large wheeled cart that students can utilize.

  • Lend a hand to the other students moving in, or at least get out of the way.


Establish Independent Financials

College represents the first time in many student’s lives where they won’t have mom and dad pay (directly) for everything. Setting up an independent (or at least individual) bank account and starting a credit card (or at least a debit card) is a great way to get started on the path to financial independence.


college student center


Enjoy It

College is not just about the education and learning experiences, it’s also about growing as a person and having unique experiences. Enjoy the first few days after moving into college, and the newfound freedom to mingle with peers and explore a new city. When classes start, you won’t have as much time to look around.


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