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Moving Apps

Did you know you can get tons of help to help you move right on your phone? It’s 2023, and the time to take full advantage of that fact is during the relocation process. Using any one of these phone apps for iPhone/Android, you can make your moving process a lot easier and conveniently work on it from almost anywhere. Check out these apps to help you get the job done.



Before you move, you have to find the right place, and that’s where the Streeteasy mobile app comes in. Plug in your criteria for the apartment you’re looking for: bedrooms, price point, neighborhood, etc. and watch the matches roll in. All the information about all the apartments on the app will be in the app, including contact information for the agent or the building manager, move-in dates, as well as plenty of information about the neighborhood. You can save your favorites in the app’s saved items, and push notifications from the app will let you know when one of these apartments goes off market, increases or decreases in price, or otherwise notably changes its listing.

Download Streeteasy: App Store | Google Play


Few life events can make someone feel as disorganized as moving does. Fortunately, there’s Sortly. Sortly keeps track of your inventory when you move, in several unique facets. User can record their valuables for insurance purposes, store part numbers, serial numbers and links to product manuals, and schedule reminders for warranty expiration, purchase return dates, and keep track of items loaned out. When synced with a compatible printer, Sortly even prints out aesthetically pleasing labels that you can stick on your boxes to keep track of their contents, even including QR codes on the labels to expedite the whole process. Sortly comes in free and premium versions to accommodate everything from big high-maintenance moves to small studio relocations.

Download Sortly: App Store


Need a simple app to help you keep track of what’s inside your moving boxes? Moving Van has you covered. Take a picture of each item in your inventory and give it a name to remind yourself of what you have, and organize all these items by which box they'll be going inside. Then, the app allows you to mark items by whether you’ve packed them or not, like the other side - allowing you to keep track of exactly what tasks lie ahead. At just $1.99, the app is a quick help for anyone looking to use an app to keep track of their inventory.

Download Moving VanApp Store


Moved Moving App 


The Moved app from Abode is “your personal moving concierge”. With a few flicks of the index finger, you can organize your inventory, order packing supplies, find places to sell, donate, or dump un-needed items, set up your utilities, update your address, and request moving quotes from reputable moving companies in your area (including Oz.) The app also includes messaging with the Moved team if you need any additional support. What else could you possibly want from a moving app? 

Download MovedApp Store


 You’ll be using the postal service a lot when you move - whether it’s to ship “We’re moving” notices, to change your address, selling things online, or to send items to your new home. The

The USPS mobile app includes package tracking, allows you to submit change of address & mail forwarding documents, hold mail, schedule pickups, and even ship online. As a one-stop shop for all postal needs during the moving process, the USPS app can save anyone going through that process a lot of time.

Download USPS MobileApp Store Google Play



Going hungry on moving day is not a good idea. That’s where the Seamless mobile app comes in. Seamless is an excellent online resource doubling as a directory of restaurants that will deliver in your area and the place you order from. You can search available options on Seamless by location, type of cuisine, and price before reading customer reviews of any of the restaurants. Best of all, Seamless allows for in-app tipping on Credit card purchases. No need to unpack the kitchen in a hurry; use Seamless.

Download Seamless: App Store Google Play

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