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The Bronx is one of the most soulful and exciting boroughs of New York City. With easy access to Manhattan, the Bronx is a great option for those who commute to the city every day. Moreover, the Bronx has a captivating history. As the birthplace of Hip-Hop, the borough is brimming with music, art and culture. These days, The Bronx is gaining more attention. In 2017, the New York Times even listed the South Bronx as one of the top 52 places to visit!

To better understand life in the Bronx, we have compiled a guide to help you navigate this wonderful borough.

Moving to the Bronx 

The Bronx is located between the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan and the Westchester/Yonkers area, which means that this borough is a perfect mix of urban and suburban life. Many people opt to live in The Bronx because they want to live in a single-family home instead of apartment buildings. In the Bronx, you can live in a two bedroom home at a more affordable price than you would be able to in Manhattan. 

There are plenty of fun activities in the Bronx that make life in the Bronx special. For instance, the Bronx is home to Yankee Stadium which means that Bronx residents are beaming with Baseball pride. Moreover, the borough is home to the Wave Hill, Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden, which are some of the best places in NYC to take your kids or go out for a date! 

The Bronx is one of the most diverse areas in the country, which means that there are plenty of great cuisines to try in the borough. One of the most famous destinations for food-ies is Arthur Avenue in Belmont (which is also known as “The Little Italy” of The Bronx). The neighborhood is lined with Italian cafe’s, pastry shops, cheese shops, butcher shops and more. In addition to a sizable Italian population, Arthur Avenue is also home to a growing Albanian population. Be sure to head to one of the many Albanian restaurants in the area to try some delicious Burek!

The Bronx is one of the most fascinating boroughs of NYC. The construction of the neighborhoods and the decimation that followed in the 70s make each street full of history, character and excitement. There are plenty of unique aspects about The Bronx, for one, it is the only NYC borough that has a definite article in its name! 

Costs of Living in Bronx 

The Bronx is a great option for families because the borough is typically more affordable than Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. According to price comparisons, rent and restaurant prices are cheaper in The Bronx than in other parts of the city. Moreover, when comparing The Bronx to Manhattan, The Bronx is notably cheaper in all categories (rent, groceries, restaurant prices, & consumer prices). For instance, a 1-bedroom apartment in the Bronx can run you around $1400 a month, whereas a 1-bedroom apartment in Manhattan would go for around $3000 (though prices may have fallen due to the Coronavirus pandemic). 

The Bronx also has many affordable housing options through NYCHA and other city programs dedicated to providing public housing for low-income residents of NYC.

Choosing Neighborhoods of Bronx

To better understand the geographic areas of The Bronx, you may need to read up on some of the boroughs fascinating history. The Bronx was divided into several towns before they were annexed into New York City in the late 19th century. These distinctions are visible within the architecture you can find in the various sections of the Bronx. 

There are plenty of architectural gems in the Bronx. Aside from family-style homes, the Bronx also has plenty of art-deco style co-op buildings which are timeless and under-statedly beautiful.There are also many cool features of the Bronx like The Grand Concourse, a 5.2 mile boulevard that stretches from North to South parts of the borough. The architect of the Grand Concourse was a French immigrant who hoped to mimic the Champs-Elysees in his construction of this thoroughfare. 

Though there are loads of affordable areas of The Bronx, there are also several affluent neighborhoods with higher real estate prices like Spuyten Duyvil, Riverdale and Morris Park. These areas (located in the West Bronx) offer more suburban style living, complete with front yards and car garages. These quaint, tree-lined communities are great for families or those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Choosing a neighborhood in the Bronx can depend on several factors, budget, proximity to Manhattan, proximity to green spaces and public transportation options. One popular area is the South Bronx, which is right past Harlem. The South Bronx neighborhoods (notably Port Morris & Mott Haven) are famous for laying the foundations for Hip-Hop in the 70s. Unlike Riverdale (and other more suburban parts of the Bronx), the South Bronx boasts a more urban and industrial vibe. These days, the South Bronx is bustling with new breweries, restaurants, coffee shops and art spaces (though some people are weary that this gentrification may be bad for the borough). Be sure to visit the Concrete Plant Park for a unique experience! The Concrete Plant Park is built in an abandoned industrial area and is great for kayaking, jogging or hosting picnics! 

One of the best parts about living in the Bronx is Van Cortlandt Park. Van Cortlandt is the third largest park in the city and is known for hosting cross country races. In addition to its race track, the park is home to a golf course and horseback riding trails. The neighborhoods in closest proximity to the park are Kingsbridge, Riverdale and Woodlawn. 

Aside from being home to the third largest park in NYC, the borough has plenty of spots for recreation and recreation. In the summer months, there are plenty of places to cool off in The Bronx like Pelham Bay Park and Orchard Beach where you can bring your whole family and BBQ all day long! Another cool place to visit in the Bronx is City Island. With its New England charm and lobster shacks you will feel like you have left the city!

Working in the Bronx

There are many Bronx residents that work in Manhattan and commute daily to midtown or downtown. However, there are also many Bronx residents that work within the borough. 

The options for public transportation in the Bronx are the 4,5, 6, 2, 3 & B,D. Many Bronx residents also take MTA buses to get around since the train lines were designed to get to and from Manhattan. Otherwise, there are Express buses (which are more costly than regular city buses) but save you time. 

Aside from the MTA, there are also many cycling routes across the area that can be great options for commuting to and from work. As of 2019, there are several Citi Bike stations in the South Bronx with plans to expand to other parts of the borough later this year. 

Schools in Bronx K - College

The Bronx is a destination for education! Dozens of the best educational institutions in New York City are located in the Bronx. Students from all across the city flock to The Bronx to attend the Bronx High School of Science and the High School for American Studies at Lehman College, two of the best public high schools in the city. These two high schools are part of the Specialized (Magnet style) program and require students to take the SHSAT for admission. 

In addition to the many exceptional public schools in the area, the Bronx is full of well-regarded private schools like Fieldston, Horace Mann and Riverdale Country Day. These schools are endowed with plenty of resources and entire 40 tree-lined acre campuses. Many kids from throughout the 5 boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey area commute to these schools every day, which is a testament to their excellence.

Additionally, there are many institutions for higher education in the Bronx. Notably, the borough is home to Fordham University, Manhattan College and Lehman College. Fordham (located along Fordham road) has a beautiful campus, so even if you are not planning to attend, be sure to check it out!

Ready to move in?

Though Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens seem to steal all the limelight in NYC, we believe the Bronx is fully worth your time. The Bronx is full of undiscovered gems. Aside from the unique historic architecture, the Bronx is bursting with natural beauty. The borough has many rivers flowing through its domain, which means that in addition to being an energetic urban locale, you have plenty of options for nature right in your backyard! 

Moving to the Bronx is a great option for many old and new New Yorkers. If you are looking to switch things up in your life, sure to contact local movers in your area for a free quote. 







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