6 Things To Do The First Night In Your Home

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Things to do the first night in your new house
You just moved into your new home. Most of the moving stress is over. But a big question emerges: What now?

You may not be settled into your new home, but responsibilites still persist; you have to get acclimated at your new job, maybe your kids’ new school, and the rest of your new life. You can make all of the rest of it easier if you do these six things on the first day in your new home.

 Unpacking Moving Items


1. Unpack your "Day One Items". 

Before your move, pack a box of “Day One items” that you know you will want to utilize on the first day of your move. This is a tip we talked about in our 11 Long Distance Moving Tips to Help You Avoid Disaster. Among your list of day one items might be basic pots/pans, plates, everyday clothes, or other belongings; it’s up to your discretion. You should try to unpack fragile items first to avoid moving them around too much and risking damaging them. We recommend organizing your items well enough that you’ll know which boxes to unload earliest; the kitchen items are probably more important than the family room items, for example.


2. Ask the neighbors for restaurant recommendations.

Without all of your cookware unpacked, you might want to try out some of the local cuisine. Going out to eat is a great way to explore your new neighborhood. But if you need all the time you have to unpack, you can always order delivery. Save yourself the time of obsessively searching Yelp, Google Maps or Seamless and ask a neighbor for a recommendation. (Also, this is a good excuse to get to know your neighbors!)

 Unpacking with your family


3. If you have kids, re-establish their old routines right away.

We learned this quickly when we talked to Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW for short) Debbie Radzinsky for our blog Moving with Kids: Advice from a Master Social Worker. Debbie told parents to “Bring in old furniture, toys, clothes pictures… and set up similar to how the old place was.” She stressed setting up the kids’ rooms and other areas where they spent the majority of their time first to establish a sense of “home” and a feeling of organization in your new house or apartment. It might also help a lot to get a TV set up to entertain the kids when you just can't pay them any attention.

 How to keep your pet happy in a new home


4. Set up for your pet in the new place.

Most of the same tips above for kids are true for Pets too. Moving can make your pup, cat or other furry friend even more stressed out than your average kid! You should definitely set up somewhere for your pet to eat and drink that is similar to their old surroundings. Don’t neglect them during the unpacking process either, considering it’s confusing enough to your pets already. A bit of attention can go far. For more tips on moving with a dog, check out our guide to moving with dogs in conjunction with veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Lander.


5. Dispose of trash and organize your moving boxes in a timely manner.

You shouldn’t wait until you’re completely unpacked to do this. Too much trash and too many other moving items laying around your home can create unnecessary obstacles and drive everyone in your home crazy, especially your kids. A new home is a fresh start, so take advantage of this opportunity to keep your space clean!  Who’s ever felt at home in a room full of moving boxes and stray tape? Keep some cleaning supplies handy to grab on the first day after your move. When you're talking to your neighbors (like we suggested in tip #2), make sure to ask them what days to take out the trash & recycling as well. For more tips on how to declutter before and after your moving day, check out our tips on how to declutter your home and save money, with contributions from decluttering experts Done & Done NYC. We also love the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. This international and New York Times #1 bestselling book is a game changer!  Read an excerpt at TidyingUp.com


Moving With A Family


6.Take a Break.

Moving is stressful! You’re better off just admitting how it’s affecting you. As LMSW Debbie Radzinsky said to us, you need to “surrender”. It’s unlikely that you will get everything unpacked in a single day without the help of a committed team of movers. (I think we at Oz may know a few…) For putting up with all the hassles of a move, you deserve a break. In the eternal words of Parks & Recreation’s Tom Haverford, every once in a while you just need to “Treat. Yo. Self.” A nice night out at dinner might do the trick. Maybe a day-trip to a local amusement park with the kids might  be better for you. Maybe it’ll be a few hours you spend in bed with Netflix. It’s up to whatever will make you the least stressed and most re-energized when the break is over and unpacking re-starts.

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