10 Sensational Brooklyn Spots to Relax at After Moving Day

We’re not gonna lie about it: moving to New York City can be pretty exhausting.

Traffic makes getting to any building really hard, especially in a moving truck. Parking is impossible to find, so loading stuff in and out of a truck can be a real pain in the butt. Then, after unloading the truck, attempting to take all of your stuff up 5 floors in a tiny walk-up building’s stairway becomes excruciating. After all that stress, you need a break! Luckily, even though Manhattan is known worldwide for its fast-paced lifestyle, there are many places in NYC’s hottest outer borough, Brooklyn, that you can visit to relax for just a little while before going back to move in. Better yet, for stress-free moving, hire Oz, the best Brooklyn Movers since 1993. Whether you go with Oz or DIY, check out our 10 favorite spots to relax in Brooklyn.


1. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

(Photo via Brooklyn Botanic Garden)

Located in Prospect Park, this 52-acre garden in the heart of Brooklyn has something for everyone who is fascinated with the mystique of the environment. From beautiful plants to graceful butterflies, this garden takes great effort to ensure the experience it provides is authentic to the true wonders of the green world. For over 100 years, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has been celebrating greenery and gardening trends, including some from Japan; the garden features a Bonsai tree museum and a Japanese Hill-and-Pond garden. The calm, peaceful atmosphere of the garden can help most people forget about their moving stress, even those without a green thumb or a love of nature.

  • Address: 990 Washington Ave Brooklyn, NY 11225 (Take the B,Q,E to Prospect Park, 2,3,4,5 to Franklin ave, or S to Botanic Garden)
  • Hours: Weekdays 10AM-8PM, Weekends 10AM-6PM
  • Prices: $15 for adults, $10 for teens, free for ages 12 and under
2. Prospect Park 

(Photo via NYC Parks)

One of New York City’s most famous parks, Prospect Park is well-regarded for its great location in downtown Brooklyn, near Park Slope. Within the confines of Prospect Park are a Zoo, the Brooklyn Museum, the Botanical Garden, ballfields, a bandshell (which Celebrate Brooklyn! uses over the summer to put on fantastic free concerts), playgrounds for kids and pets, and plenty of other interesting nooks and crannys. The park is also directly adjacent to the Brooklyn Public Library! Prospect Park can be a great place for families to find other families to mingle with, as it’s a very popular place for Brooklyn parents to bring their kids. With 585 acres of parkland in Prospect Park, there’s sure to be a tranquil spot for you to relax and take your mind off of moving, even though the park is among New York’s most popular.


  • Address: Somewhere on Prospect Park W (It’s hard to miss), Take subway to the stop with “Prospect Park” in its name
  • Hours: 5am-1am, everyday
  • Prices: Vary (but it’s a public park so most of it is free!)
3. Brooklyn Museum

Things to do at the Brooklyn Museum

(Photo via Brooklyn Museum, provided courtesy of Brooklyn Museum)

Over 560,000 square feet of art makes up the quintessential museum in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Museum. This museum combines a great collection of classical works from American, African, and European artists, as well as works from more modern mainstays such as Mark Rothko and  Edward Hopper. The museum even features a portrait of Snoop Dogg in their collection of more contemporary works (though it’s sadly not on view). Even in the midst of all its historic works, the Museum can keep thing contemporary, opening an exhibit now on the rise of sneaker culture. Note that the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, open the other five days of the week. Bring the kids, too; museum patrons under age 19 get in for free! If the MoMA, Met, or Guggenheim aren’t enough for you, definitely check out the Brooklyn Museum.


  • Address: 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238 (2,3 to Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn Museum)
  • Hours: Closed Monday/Tuesday, 11-6PM Wednesday, Friday, Weekends, 11-10PM Thursdays
  • Prices: $16 adults, free for ages 19 and lower
4. Marine Park Golf Course


(Photo via Marine Park Golf Course)

Golf is a secluded game; it’s one of the only sports that you don’t need another person to compete with in order to play. Add to that the tranquil greenery that a normal golf course adds, and you can understand why golf is so relaxing to so many people. Brooklyn’s most acclaimed course is Marine Park - the longest golf course in NYC at a par 72. The course is right by the Shell Bank Creek, offering great water views during course play. Marine Park offers club rentals for those who haven’t gotten their clubs from the moving truck just yet, too. Don’t get too frustrated while you play and you should be able to de-stress at the course just fine.


  • Address: 2880 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234 (Q35 Bus to Marine Pk golf course, stops at Flatbush Av/Brooklyn College stop [2,5])
  • Hours: Everyday 6 AM - 7:30 PM
  • Prices: 18 holes greens $30-$40, club rental $28
5. Rockaway Beach

(Photo via NYC Parks)

As the Ramones famously sang, “It’s not hard to reach” Rockaway Beach. Coney Island’s beaches are a little bit too frantic at times for us to get over our moving stress! Rockaway beach is NYC’s only beach where it is legal to surf, and the beach also features basketball courts, volleyball courts, roller hockey, playgrounds, a skate park, and more. Plus, it’s a place the Ramones have a song named after! Those places are few and far between, since Rock n’ Roll High School is completely fictional. If you’re looking for an experience even more relaxing than just hanging out at the beach, you can try Yoga at the Beach, or visit the beach on Movie Night (just avoid the night that Jaws is playing, since they’re actually going to screen Jaws!) Of course, everyone loves the beach because it’s a calm place to go to take in some good weather.


  • Address: 1 Shore Front Pkwy Queens, NY 11694 (A train to any stop with “Beach” in name)
  • Hours: Always Open
  • Prices: Free, activities cost may vary
6. Brooklyn Flea / Smorgasburg

Visiting the Brooklyn Flea Market and Smorgasburg

(Photo via T.J. Peterson)

Brooklyn’s most famous outdoor market is a great place to go on a normal saturday or sunday to unwind. Grab an artisanal donut or a fancy piece of meat on a stick and enjoy a walk around the various interesting wares. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a great piece of antique furniture for your new apartment? Many of NYC’s best food establishments such as Dough have started as booths at the Brooklyn Flea; in fact the food options became so attractive to attendees that the BK Flea started Smorgasburg, a new market dedicated only to food and beverage options. There’s no obligation to buy anything - just enjoy yourself, check out something unique in the city, and forget about unpacking your boxes for a little while.


  • Address: The “Brooklyn Flea” has many locations, the central one at 176 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238. ( B,D,N,Q,R,2,3,4,5 to Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center or G to Clinton/Washington Ave.) Smorgasburg is located at 90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. (L to Bedford Ave.)
  • Hours: Lafayette Ave flea is open 10 am - 5pm Saturdays, then most vendors pivot to Williamsburg at 50 kent ave 10 am - 5pm Sundays. 90 Kent Smorgasburg is open 11 am - 6pm saturdays, then most vendors pivot to 304 Furman St, in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Sundays from 11 am - 6pm. (R to Court St. or 2,3,4,5 to Borough Hall)
  • Prices: Free to enter, food and wares may vary
7. Green-Wood Cemetery

Green Wood Cemetery

(Photo by Art Presson, provided courtesy of Green-Wood Cemetery)

It’s a little bit surprising that a cemetery is amongst Brooklyn’s most popular attractions - after all, a cemetery isn’t a place that you go, it’s a place where you end up. But not unlike the Père Lachaise in Paris, this cemetery is a landmark in one of the world’s best cities. There are a fair share of famous people buried in Green-Wood too, such as Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse Code, Charles Ebbets, the founder of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the original actor to play the Wizard of Oz, Frank Morgan! The Green-Wood Cemetery near South Slope has been open since 1838, but only received landmark status in 2006, by the US Department of the Interior. The cemetery is home to as many as 26,000 permanent residents as well as many acres of breathtaking statues, marble sculptures, hills, valleys, ponds, and scenic walking paths. After picking out a short-term piece of real estate in NYC, you might even find a much longer term piece of real estate to settle into here!

  • Address: 500 25th St Brooklyn, NY 11232  (D, N, R to 25th st, F, G to Fort Hamilton Pkwy)
  • Hours: 7 am - 7 pm everyday
  • Prices: free admission, tour pricing may vary
8. New York Transit Museum

(Photo via MTA)

Sometimes New Yorkers forget just how good they have it with the MTA. Our 24-hours-a-day train system rivals that of any other city in the world, and this system has its own history, tracked neatly by the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights near the Jay St / Metrotech subway. This interactive museum allows you to sit in and examine many makes and models of old subway cars and buses, as well as exhibits of old signage and many old advertisements from public transportation. The interactive nature of the museum makes the experience great for kids. Other worthwhile experiences include “Steel, Stone, and Backbone”, an exhibit dedicated to how the century-old subway system was built, and one of the museum’s guided tours. There’s no better way to become a true New York resident than by knowing the MTA like it’s the back of your hand, and this is a good place to start learning.


  • Address: Boerum Pl and Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (2,3,4,5 to Borough Hall, N, R to Jay St - Metrotech, A, C, G to Hoyt)
  • Hours: 10-4 PM Tuesday-Friday, 11 - 5 PM Weekends, Closed Mondays
  • Prices: Adults $7, children $5
9. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

(Photo via Famous Ankles)

Who doesn’t love a good cityscape? This park by the East River offers stunning views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. Open ‘til 1 AM, this promenade could be a great place to go at night to connect to your new borough after a day of moving into it. Hopeful romantics can use the promenade as a date spot or a night out destination to rekindle a flame slightly dampened by the pressures of moving. Fans of New York cinema may remember this view from Woody Allen’s Annie Hall or Moonstuck starring the indubitable Nic Cage. Bring your camera, bring your sense of wonder, and take the time to remember as you gaze upon the wonders of New York City just what it has in store; 8 million peers, thousands of opportunities and limitless moments ready for you to live them. Also, it’s pretty!


  • Address: BQE between Joralemon St. and Grace Ct., Brooklyn. (2,3 to Clark St, R to Court St, 4,5 to Borough Hall)
  • Hours: Every day, dawn until 1 am.
  • Prices: Free
10. Grand Army Plaza


(Photo via NYC Parks)

The scenic North entrance to Prospect Park featuring this arch in dedication the victorious union army features some of New York City’s best statues, including a bust of John F Kennedy that was added in 1965. Consider this Brooklyn’s Arc de Triomphe, and if you ask us, it’s cooler than the arch in Washington Square Park too.  Most of the statues here symbolize America and the unification of the country following a Union victory in the Civil War. This plaza is also home to green markets that usually take place every Saturday. Head to the arch to take in some of New York City’s best architecture, and then, you can enter Prospect Park to see some of its famous greenery.


  • Location: 1 Grand Army Plaza (2,3 to Grand Army Plaza).
  • Hours: Greenmarkets open Saturdays, 8 am - 4pm.
  • Price: Free to visit. Wares costs may vary.
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