Moving from New York to California

Moving from New York to California

Moving across the country to and from California and New York can be stressful, and a hassle. Oz’s coast-to-coast moving services will make it easier, guaranteed.


Oz Moving offers weekly direct/non-stop trips between the NYC metro area and California for an affordable rate.

Oz has become an industry leader in coast-to-coast moving due to our dedication to developing great service from New York to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to New York. Our signature yellow Oz Moving trucks will pick up and drop off your belongings with exceptional care, care that is extended to them during their cross country road trip. Let us show you what years in the moving business has taught us about providing quality and timely service when you’re moving between New York and California.


Oz Handles Your Whole Move - No Shuttle Service fees.

Oz loads up your stuff into our signature yellow trucks and delivers in both New York and Los Angeles in the same signature trucks. This means you won’t incur shuttle service expenses with Oz. We treat your long distance move with the same precision and care as a local move. Your job is handled by certified Oz employees from pickup in New York or Los Angeles all the way to drop off in NY or LA .Oz will help you load the truck at your origin and unload at your destination, allowing you to relax during this stressful move.


Get your stuff when you need it.

Because Oz offers moving AND storage, we are able to offer faster delivery and flexibility to all of our customers in New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and other cities near New York & California. We will schedule our delivery window based on your needs; you tell us when we can deliver your belongings. Oz even offers guaranteed delivery day service as a premium add-on. Need your items to come on a specific day? Just let us know in advance and we’ll take care of you. Have any questions or concerns? We’re available to help you every step of the way.



Ditching the east coast for the west coast? We got you covered. From the greater New York City area (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Upstate) to California (San Diego, San Francisco, Bay Area), OZ can get you cross-country. However, life on the other side is quite different so here are some tips.

  • The move typically takes 10-14 days, depending on destination, which means that you have to prepare your arrival accordingly. (10 days to LA, 14 to SF, but this depends on several other factors). Keep this mind because you may be in your new home for some time without your belongings. Obviously, certain necessities are replaceable and you can buy them once you get to your destination; however, pack accordingly, putting aside only the belongings that you may not need in that initial 2 week period (furniture/sport & exercise equipment/ kitchen appliances). Think about what items you will need in the short term v the long term, as this move will be a long process. It’s also possible to schedule your belongings to arrive before you do, and then retrieve them out of storage. All of this can be coordinated and discussed with your movers.

  • The journey is long-- unlike moving to another neighborhood in your town, your furniture and belongings will be in transit for quite some time. See if your moving company offers a professional packing service. Having professionals pack your belongings may feel costly, however, the cost of damaging your possessions may be greater in the long term. You want to ensure that your stuff is safely packed for the trip there, as things can break in transit if not packed correctly. 

  • Leave stuff behind! There is no need to take everything you own, especially if you are moving to a new climate like California. Be mindful of how you pack!


  • While New Yorkers may not need a car, a car in California is usually a necessity. If you already have a car in NYC, you have to decide how best to transport your car across the United States. You can either drive it cross country yourself (and pack it with some stuff) or pay a service to ship the car for you. 

  • A car is a greater expense in CA than in NYC. You may end up having to deal with higher insurance costs, more parking tickets, more gasoline purchases, longer travel time and so on. Be sure to keep this in mind when you are planning your move. 

  • Moreover, you may have to get a new car to adjust to California life, as California car culture is quite different. For one, in California there is a Car-Pool lane, which means that tiny 2-seater cars aren’t as helpful as they are in NYC. In NYC it is often better to have a tiny car in order to find parking in the city. In CA, this isn’t necessarily the case. There are many parking lots and Valet services to assist you with parking. Also, in NYC you may need a car with 4-Wheel drive for the snow, while in California you won’t have to worry about that. Maybe consider getting a hybrid car or electric vehicle. There are many charging stations throughout the state, which means that you can forgo paying for gasoline and help the planet. 

  • Finally, our last tip regarding cars is to register your car within 10 days of your arrival and apply for a California driver’s licence. The California DMV has strict regulations for new residents and instructs new residents to register your vehicle within 20 days of their move. 


  • Lucky for you, New York has some of the highest property taxes in the country, which means that California property taxes should come as a relief (depending on what area of CA you are moving to, some localities’ taxes may end being around the same). 

  • Another thing to consider about California living is emergency insurance. California is a state prone to natural disasters (earthquakes, wildfires, flooding). You want to be prepared for any disaster situation, which means the added cost of home insurance. 

  • California's climate is far different from New York. It tends to be warmer and less humid which means that some can go without A/C and heating, as it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Obviously this depends on the person and the location of the home.


Moving long distance from LA to NY or NY to LA is tough; but Oz is the best at these long distance moves. We work hard to make your move as easy as possible. Get a Free Quote Today!